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Baile de las Américas - March 4th, 2023 

7:00PM at Lakeside Pavilion

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Last year was the 38th anniversary of the founding of HACE and the first Baile de las Américas way back in 1985! The baile was held at the Lakeside Pavilion in Chico. 


As part of this event, we had the opportunity to enjoy live music by Cuban salsa band Sabor de mi Cuba. After extensive participation in various musical groups, Carlitos Medrano decided to start this Cuban-style salsa group where he debuts his musical talents through original songwriting and composition. The fundamental characteristics of this project are fusions of Afro-Cuban roots influenced by world music. According to Tom Ehrlich of Magazine, their first CD “is a strong recording, full of elaborate, innovative arrangements, interesting use of chorus, rumba and jazz influenced dance music…  The result is a beautiful, swinging recording which should establish Carlitos as a composer, percussionist  and band leader to be reckoned with".

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